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Dermaplaning FAQs

Dermaplaning has been an exciting addition for our women here at The Skin Renewal Center. Rather than a lengthy monologue on this innovative treatment, we thought it best to present dermaplaning in a question and answer format.

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What are the benefits of Dermaplaning?

  • Immediately results in a refreshed and refined look to the skin
  • Removes vellous facial hair which can absorb both dirt and environmental toxins
  • Removes keratinized skin cells and enhances the natural shedding of skin
  • Stimulates blood and lymph flow, thereby increasing the ability of the skin to absorb product
  • Stimulates the skin's immune response and improves elasticity and texture
  • Softens the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and pores
  • Reduces hyperpigmentation

Does Dermaplaning hurt?

Truly, no. Most patients report feeling relaxed and pampered. This treatment is more comfortable than microdermabrasion, and definitely more comfortable than the burning sensation of a chemical peel.

Will I be cut during the procedure?

It is possible that a nick from the blade could occur. The staff is professionally trained and certified in this procedure. Your safety is of the utmost importance. We have not yet had a nick, but we are ready to cleanse and dress it appropiately if we ever have one. The best way to prevent a nick is to notify the aesthetician that you need to shift or move your head, limb, or body prior to doing so.

  1. Prior to beginning the treatment, we will establish a "signal" to let us know if you need to move, speak, sneeze, cough, so that a brief break can be taken.
  2. Please turn off your cell phone and refrain from speaking during the procedure.

What are my chances of developing an infection?

Very slim. Even though skin is teeming with bacteria, your skin will be thoroughly cleansed and sanitized with an antiseptic. We do not perform dermaplaning if a break in the skin is present. For our patients with a latex allergy, nitrile gloves will be substituted for latex. A new, sterilized blade is used for each client and properly disposed of after each use.

Are there any contraindications to Dermaplaning?

Yes, there are some contraindications to receiving a dermaplaning treatment. For your safety, if you have any of the following conditions or use any listed medications, dermaplaning should not be performed. Alternative treatments are available and will be reviewed with you.

  • Immune compromise
  • Blood thinners
  • Accutane
  • Blood disorders
  • Active skin infection or inflammation of any type
  • Compromised skin from sunburn, windburn, or chemical peels

This list is not all-inclusive but gives you an idea of the conditions and medications that may preclude performing a dermaplaning treatment.

Dermaplaning is a great procedure to brighten your skin, remove fine hair, and enhance exfoliation. We recommend a dermaplaning procedure two weeks after a Growth Factor Facial (GFF). As new, healthy plump skin cells are generated by the GFF, they will push the tired, beat-up skin cells to the surface. Dermaplaning will remove these dull-appearing cells and debris, and allow you to showcase your refreshed, enhanced appearance. For men, a straight razor shave by a barber can replicate the effect of dermaplaning. Our skin is too rough and hairy and requires a more aggressive approach. Dermaplaning will not cause hair to become darker, coarser, or grow faster. Age, genetics, and hormones are the responsible parties.

Bumps, skin tags, and dilated capillaries cannot be treated with dermaplaning. If you have a bump or blemish that concerns you, please point it out. Many of these annoying lesions can be readily eliminated in minutes with Lamprobe. Please ask. Chances are we can treat them.

"The staff is knowledgeable and extremely welcoming. After a consultation with Dr. McNamara, I was set up with Veronica, their in-house esthetician, for Dermaplaning. I've had it twice since! Amazing results, vastly improved skin within a day of the facial and lasts for weeks. Highly recommend checking them out for skincare and lifestyle needs."

Danielle B.