Hair Restoration with PRP

Hair growth you can count on.

(Platelet-Rich Plasma and Nutrafol)


Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) has expanded the therapeutic possibilities for tissue repair and hair restoration. PRP contains multiple growth factors that stimulate dormant hair follicles.

This stimulation in turn increases blood supply, increases hair shaft thickness, and maintains the growth cycle, resulting in visible hair growth.

This hair growth is enhanced with Nutrafol. This nutraceutical addresses the root causes of hair thinning through its clinically effective blend of plant-based ingredients. This can result in fuller hair and scalp coverage, thicker hair volume, and stronger hair. Clinically significant improvement was seen in 84% of men and 80% of women at six months.

PRP is very safe, as its growth factors and stem cells are obtained from one’s own blood. The blood is spun down in a centrifuge and the concentrated platelets are injected with a fine needle into the areas of the scalp where the hair is thinning. We apply an ice pack to the area that is being treated to minimize any discomfort. There is usually no downtime. Treatments are performed once a month usually for 4 treatments. After hair growth is initiated, the treatments are spread out to 3 months, then every six months.

Nutrafol is taken four capsules each morning with food. Nutrafol has standardized, bio-optimized ingredients that are free of drugs, hormones, gluten, dairy, shellfish, and artificial additives. Nutrafol works with PRP, exosomes, and even hair transplantation.

If you are one of the millions of men and women experiencing hair loss, Nutrafol and PRP injections can help. We are happy to discuss this effective combination in greater detail. Call us for a cost-free consultation today.

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