Not ready for a facelift? ThermiTight can reduce neck and cheek fat, as well as tighten the skin along the jawline. This treatment has minimal downtime with most patients returning to work after a relaxing weekend at home. The reason Thermi-RF is so effective and reproducible is because it comfortably raises the skin temperature to levels that have been shown to result in skin tightening and additional collagen formation. These temperatures are measured both within the deep dermis as well as the surface of the skin. This enhances the likelihood of aesthetically pleasing results, as well as improving safety. The procedure is virtually pain-free as lidocaine and saline are infused into the treated area and provide a local anesthetic effect. Our patients are provided with medication to allow them to relax but in limited quantities so that they are able to drive themselves home. Some swelling for the first several days is expected and resolves quite quickly.

Medical Spa in Montrose, Houston, TX

One patient had his procedure on Dec 23th and hosted a large Christmas party two days later, looking quite dapper. With most cosmetic procedures, if you address issues of laxity sooner, rather than later, you will have a more robust improvement in your appearance.

This minimally invasive procedure is performed in the surgical suite in our office by Dr. McNamara.

We have performed ThermiTight on arms, knees, abdomens, and thighs to tighten loose, crepey skin. ThermiTight has also been very effective in treating cellulite. With its focused radiofrequency energy, ThermiTight allows us to break up the fibrous bands that create dimpling as well as eliminate focal pockets of fat. If these bands are quite thick, we may utilize Vasersmooth (ultrasound) to release the puckered skin and allow it to smooth out. This very challenging condition has finally met its match!


The photos below demonstrate the effect of four Thermismooth treatments.

IMG_7799.jpg IMG_7800.jpg

In addition to the neck, ThermiSmooth can tighten skin on the face, arms, abdomen, and legs. It will also improve the appearance of cellulite. ThermiSmooth is virtually painless and has no downtime.

Fraxel and ThermiSmooth are just two of the many treatments that are offered at The Skin Renewal Center. If you have any concerns about your appearance, give us a call. We can probably help!


Medical Spa in Montrose, Houston, TX

Once we have freshened up your appearance, we can not have you sweating profusely in the Houston heat. This is where ThermiDry comes in. Botox and Xeomin can also diminish excessive sweating, albeit for a shorter amount of time. The ThermiDry procedure is very similar in technique to ThermiTight. However, the goals are different. With ThermiDry, the radiofrequency energy disrupts the sweat glands and reduces the ability to sweat from the treated area. Local anesthesia ensures a comfortable experience which usually takes approximately one hour. ThermiDry is indicated for severe sweating that can antiperspirants can't control. If this describes your situation, ThermiDry may be the procedure for you.

ThermiVa   -  A New Procedure Benefitting Women

Medical Spa in Montrose, Houston, TX

ThermiVa is non-surgical, in-office vaginal restoration.  It uses radio-frequency energy to stimulate collagen production which rejuvenates both the inner and outer vaginal tissues. This tightens the vaginal canal, improves the integrity of the vaginal lining and increases the firmness of lax, stretched labia. ThermiVa is quick and easy only taking about 30 minutes and is often referred to as a "lunch break" procedure.  There is no downtime and no recovery time with this safe and precise device.  You can resume all your normal activities immediately after a treatment, including intercourse.  ThermiVa is ideal for moms after childbirth as well as menopausal women.

ThermiVa assists in postpartum recovery by quickly restoring the elasticity of the vaginal tissue. The treatment can be performed as early as six weeks postpartum, and breastfeeding moms can still receive ThermiVa.   You can improve urinary control with ThermiVa.  This procedure is a good option for treating mild to moderate stress incontinence or leaky bladder seen with coughing, sneezing, jumping up and down and laughing.  ThermiVa improves the appearance of the vaginal area by tightening the tissues of the labia. This reduces sagging and firms the area for a more youthful appearance. ThermiVa also restores natural lubrication thereby decreasing discomfort during intercourse.

ThermiVa treatments are performed once a month over a three-month period.  Many clients notice results following the initial treatment. Over time, however, the effects will abate, and the natural effects of aging may warrant additional "touch-ups" in the future.  Call to schedule a consultation to learn how this procedure can improve your sexual health and well-being.

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